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Hi, my name is Gary; I am President and CEO of SS&E Electric. I am also lead electrician and broom pusher (on occasion). I have been an electrician since 1986. I started out working for Union 134. From there I went into the private sector working on small commercial businesses for numerous companies. I was kicking around the idea of starting my own business, so I pursued small jobs, for friends and family to get my name out there. Soon I was taking on kitchen remodeling, room additions and some service calls. This was all word of mouth. I was still working full time for someone else, to pay the bills. Back then the company was always named SS&E. At that time, I started thinking SS&E stood for Saturday’s, Sunday’s and evenings since I worked nights and weekends.

In 2008 I opened up SS&E Electric – Short, Sweet and Efficient. Since then I started subcontracting with a couple of General Contractors and started growing my business. Mainly at that time it was all residential work which included Electrical Services, adding remodeling cans, installing switches and a lot of repair work. This was 2008 remember the recession, or more importantly, will anyone forget. I then picked up another contractor who worked up on the North shore, Glencoe, Lake Forrest, Wilmette etc. I worked for him for about 2 years. One day he called, asked me to look at a house in Lake Forest. I didn’t think I was in the right place, where I was at was a 26-acre estate. I called him, he said that I was at the right place, hang loose and he would be there shortly. He came, I met the client, and looked over the job. The clients last name sounded very familiar, and I told him so. He said it should, they own a publishing Co. and the yellow pages. I had just met Mrs. Donnelley in a word WOW. Over the years we did many more projects together at the Donnelley house, total Kitchen remodel, outdoor lighting, the art room just to name a few. Also put in a new Electrical service. First and only home with 3 phrase power and its own electrical vault. I couldn’t believe it. Then I picked up more contractors, one in particular does work all over the country. They hired me to remodel Morton’s Steak Houses. We remodeled 6 restaurants together. Next, I went into factory work. We revamped (2) circuit board manufacturing plants. Cut power at transformer and started over. There’s a lot more projects I’ve done over the years, and would be willing to share them if interested. Just give me a call.

My work has always been word of mouth. My daughters told me, Dad, it’s the 21st century open a web site. I told them NO WAY, never going to happen. Sooooo, I wrote this Bio to tell you a little about myself and my companies experience.

Hope to see you soon,

Gary – SS&E Electric



  • Installation of 3 phase sub panels
  • Total conversions of old lighting to LED
  • Machine hook ups
  • Switch gear upgrades
  • Total rewiring to facilitate new manufacturing


  • Build outs in office/retail spaces
  • Rewiring light fixtures for LED conversions
  • Adding dedicated circuits
  • Low Voltage rewiring
  • CAT 6 Work Stations


  • Light switch repairs/installation
  • Outlets
  • Light Fixtures
  • Rewiring older homes
  • Back up generators
  • New Additions
  • New homes from ground up


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